Lefree Cordless Scrubber SXT-160 Cleaning and Maintenance

Welcome to our guide on cleaning and maintenance for the Lefree cordless scrubber SXT-160. Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential for ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your scrubber. By following the guidelines below, you can keep your scrubber in excellent condition and contribute to environmental protection through responsible disposal practices.

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Cleaning and maintenance

  1. Please check whether the charging port is sealed when cleaning
  2. Do not use metal objects such as steel wires, abrasive cleaners or corrosiveliquids (such as gasoline or acetone) to clean the brush head and body surface
  3. You can rinse the brush head under the faucet, or turn the product to high-speed modeand automatically wash the brush head under water (do not flush the charging portwith water)
  4. After cleaning, please vigorously shake off the water on the product and wipe itwith a cloth
  5. Do not use hot water above 60 * to clean the brush head and products

 Environment protection

When disposing of the product, please do not stack it with general domestic garbage: ltshall be delivered to the recycling center designated by the manufacturer. This isconducive to environmental protection.

The built-in rechargeable battery contains substances that may pollute the environment. When discarding the product, be sure to take out the battery and properly dispose of thebattery.

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Purchase website: https://lefree.net/products/cordless-electric-spin-scrubber-brush

By adhering to the cleaning and maintenance instructions provided, you can ensure that your Lefree cordless scrubber SXT-160 remains in top-notch condition, delivering exceptional cleaning performance whenever you need it. Remember to dispose of the product responsibly, following the designated recycling procedures for both the device and its rechargeable battery. Let's maintain a clean home while prioritizing environmental preservation.

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