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About Us

Our Brand

What’s in the Name - Lefree? We get asked about the brand name quite a bit, because there's actually no such word in life. However, there's a reason for us to use it as a brand name, here is how the story goes. 

With the development of society and economy, the competitive pressure is also growing. Everyone in life has to bear more pressure than ever before. When pressure increases, anxiety follows. When I was in that emotional state, I found that my work efficiency and quality were decreasing, and the harmonious family atmosphere could not be maintained. This is not the life I want, I long to change it. So I tried various ways to reduce stress. Long-term exercise and fitness have indeed played a certain effect. My stress is obviously relieved. However, the vast majority of friends have no way to spare so much time to relieve their stress. It makes me realize that freeing my life is only bringing me short-term happiness. If we can free everyone's life through some small things, then it is the real happiness. This is all the source of thought for brand building. Now what’s in Lefree - Let your life free!

Our Products and Services

After constant market research, Lefree ultimately chose the household products and toys field. We always firmly believe that a lot of happiness is generated from every detail of life. For this reason, we are willing to spend months or even years choosing or developing a product. And then we constantly enhance the practicability, simplicity, reliability and safety of our products through customer feedback. Relying on unique design, exquisite appearance and excellent quality, we have enough confidence that you will like each of our carefully crafted products.

We are a large group company with our own factory and supply chain. We have our own U.S., U.K., German and French sites, serving hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. Our products sold in all countries and regions have corresponding domestic warehouses for direct delivery.  

There is also a warm reminder that when you complete the purchase for Lefree products, you are equivalent to purchasing a complete set of one-to-one product after-sales service. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us by dropping an email to or by messaging our Facebook homepage at .

Our Philosophy 

At Lefree, we are committed to freeing your life. To make our products to be more than one product. What we hope is to provide a sense of physical and mental pleasure, a state of relaxation and decompression. We want the way we make your life more relaxing and convenient is to be a part of your life. However, our pursuit is far more than the quality and environmental protection of product materials. People-oriented and customer-oriented is our biggest brand advantage. We have been adhering to such a concept. "Making products that fit people's lifestyles or needs will absolutely make the world different. The products themselves naturally resonate with buyers. Remember: the customer is supreme." We hope that customers can face life more actively and enjoy life when enjoying the convenience and pleasure brought by our products.

Our Gratitude

We sincerely thank you for choosing and believing in Lefree. Whether it's your affirmation of our product quality or your support for our brand concept, it's our driving force for continuous improvement. We will continue to collect every feedback that is helpful to us to improve our products and services. Keep up with the times. Continuously launch more products that can truly free your life.

Choose Lefree, believe in Lefree, and create a better future with Lefree.


Thanks & Best Regards,

The Team of Lefree