LeFree was brought into existence by a group of scientists in 2010 because they were dedicated to simplifying life. Since then, Lefree has remained a unique company that caters to both household products and toys. These products are created with high-quality materials and are based on exclusive and unique designs.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our products; we are proud to say that everyone who buys our products instantly adores them and that is proven through the innumerable testimonies of customers that praise our products as well as after-sales services. The reason we are able to ensure quality products is that we are a large group of companies and have our own factory and supply chain, where we integrate R&D, production, and sales.

At the present, LeFree exports to France, Britain, United States, and Germany among other countries but since these are some of the major places the company exports to, they have set up corresponding domestic factories that deliver directly. We provide service to hundreds of thousands of customers around the globe. As a company, we recognize and believe that our customers hold the reigns to our company’s success and that is why we adhere to a people-oriented approach that focuses on providing products made from the best materials. LeFree always keeps innovation in mind and continues to produce products that are created with the consumer in mind.

Our company slogans are soaring the skies with free life and Live your life LeFree which tells you how much we focus on living a simple life that is free. We changed our company philosophy in 2015 and chose a more humane approach because we wanted our customers to have safe, eco-friendly, and scientific products so life becomes easier when you use them.

Just like small saplings, we have grown and expanded our roots and now we stand tall as a strong tree because we nurtured our philosophy all these years and never lost sight of it, and if things remain the same way, we never will. Our philosophy will always put our customers and their comfort first.

Our tree has spawned smaller tree saplings and together we now stand as an independent forest and just like a tree does, we will also continue to provide our customers with a place they can always come to for shelter because they know we will never let them down.

Our Philosophy

Our company philosophy at LeFree is and always will be providing the customers with high-quality and innovative products that they know will last for a long, long time. Our products are engineered to be environmentally friendly because we know how big of an impact a company that produces toys can have on the environment and we aim to minimize that impact as much as possible.

All our products are created with a people-oriented approach and with the well-being of our customers in mind, we provide excellent customer care service and will respond to all of your questions and complaints in a timely fashion. With our products, we aim to create a better world for our customers, employees, and stakeholders. Just like our customers are loyal to us, we are also loyal to them. Among all of our products, we put special focus on toys because we want children to live a life that is liberating and free so whether it is a holiday or a birthday, LeFree is the perfect place to get a gift!

Our Products

The products that are produced by our company typically fall into 4 categories: home living, popular toys, coin banks, and garden hose.


The toys range from games and arts all the way to products that make learning easier and fun. While most of the toys are catered towards children, some of our toys, like the water gun, can also become an excellent activity for adults and it can be great leisure to partake in as a family.

Coin Banks

We all know how difficult it is for children to keep track of their money and save it. Being responsible is an important lesson that is taught to children at a young age. We created our coin banks with this concept in mind. The coin banks come in a wide range of shapes and types which makes it easier for parents to find one that they know will encourage their child to save money. Plus these coin banks also make a great gift for any child around you!

Garden Hose

Our garden hose is made with the best materials and is kink-free and leak-proof which solves most of the problems customers have with typical garden hoses. It is heavy duty and easy to work with which is why many customers rave about this product.

Home Living

Finally, the products in our home living section have a lot of different product offerings ranging from herb grinders to toilet bowl cleaners and even personal fan that wraps around the neck and provides the much-needed air in the increasing warming of the atmosphere.

Why Choose Us?

If you are wondering why you should choose us when there are unlimited companies out there that might provide the same products as us, then one of the most obvious reasons is that we create our own products which mean that you will never find the same product anywhere else on the market.

The products are created by our group of scientists who have created unique designs with the comfort of the customer in mind. Just like any other company, we cannot claim that people will not create replicas, but if you want authentic products, buy directly from LeFree since we can ensure quality materials and products. Our employees work with dedication, be it at the designing or manufacturing phase, and through their tireless work, we can sustain this huge company.

Just like our employees, our dedicated customers also have a big hand in our success and we would never be able to be in this place without them. We are thankful for your continuous support and your valuable feedback that lets us improve ourselves, our products, and our services. Using our eco-friendly philosophy: let’s create a better future together!

Thanks & Best Regards,

The Team of Lefree