Resin Curing Machine

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  • 【Time saving】It usually takes about 24 hours for epoxy resin to dry completely. Now it can be fully cured in 2 hours with Lefree, saving you 12 times the waiting time. It also provides you with more creative space to create more works of art in a short period of time.
  • 【5-layer adjustable tray】 5-layer detachable large-size shelves (12.6X9.8X1.34inches), 2.4X1.9 inches larger than conventional products, the height of the two-layer tray can be adjusted by rotating 180 degrees in parallel. Large capacity, flat middle part, can make more resin artworks at the same time, using metal base, more durable and more textured.
  • 【Pure copper motor and blown fuse】 The Lefree curing machine uses a pure copper motor inside, which has a longer service life than ordinary resin dryers. It is also equipped with a blown fuse to prevent danger from overheating. Lefree resin curing machine is used. Dryers are more durable and safer.
  • 【Intelligent Control】One-button operation of intelligent resin dryer, convenient and simple to adjust temperature and timing, Flexible setting of temperature and time according to resin thickness. Timing range: 0.2H-24H, Temperature range: 95-158℉. 360° thermal cycle system, fully and uniform epoxy resin curing, which can avoid the generation of more air bubbles and ensure that epoxy resin handicrafts are beautifully made.
  • 【Energy saving】Lefree uses the household electricity standard, which has a higher safety factor. The power of the resin curing machine is 300W, and it only consumes about 0.15 kW·h of electricity per hour.

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