Lefree electric spin scrubber

Lefree electric spin scrubber SXT-160 is mainly used for the cleaning of domestic bathroom, kitchen, living roomfloor, furniture, automobile and other places.

Lefree electric spin scrubber uses high-performance lithiumbattery, strong power motor, two speeds, and can freely change the cleaning intensityaccording to different needs.

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The international general type-C charging cable is chargedfor 2 hours. The electric circuit design has the function of overcharge and overcharge, lowpower prompt, LED work indication, five segment power display, charging and runninglight flashing. Lefree electric spin scrubber complies with 3C, and EU safety and environmental protectiorcertification

Lefree electric spin scrubber SXT-160 structure description

1.Sponge brush tray

2.Small mop tray

3.Fiber brush tray

4.Large bristle brush head

5.Small brush tray base

6.Anti woolbrush plate

7.Pointed brush head

8.Small hair brush

9.Wide range brush

10.Telescopic rod



13.Switch key "icon"

14.Control panel


16.Charging port sealing plug

17.Type-C charging cabl

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Lefree electric spin scrubber Function introduction of switch panel

> Switch button "icon": press the "icon" button by hand, and the machine starts to entethe rotating working mode. The working indicator light is always on and displays tfcurent power. During the operation of the machine, press the "icon" button by hand, andthe machine enters the low-speed state. Then press the "icon" button of the switch, andthe machine stops working, and the indicator lights are all off

> in any state, press and hold the switch button "icon" for 2 seconds to enter the lockedstate, and the machine stops working. In the locked state, when the switch button ispressed, the indicator light flashes, and the machine cannot be started 

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> When the power is too low, the lowest light on the switch panel flashes, indicating thatthe machine is about to shut down. Please charge it in time before using it.

> During charging, the five indicator lights on the panel are on in a cycle. When the lightsare on in a cycle, when several lights are not on, it indicates that the charging has beercompleted.

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> in case of improper operation, excessive load or locked rotor during use, the five lightswil flash at the same time. If the wrong operation is not corrected in time, the machinewll trigger overload protection after 5 seconds and auto shut down. it needs to reset itsposition and then restart.

Enhancements to Lefree Electric Spin Scrubber:

1.Safety Lock Feature:
Integrating an advanced safety lock feature, the Lefree electric spin scrubber  now includes a mechanism that requires users to press and hold the "icon" switch button for 2 seconds to activate the locked state. This added safety measure prevents accidental starts and ensures that the scrubber remains inoperative when not in use, reducing the risk of unintended operation and enhancing user safety.

2.Adjustable Telescopic Rod:
The telescopic rod in the product structure allows for adjustable handle length, providing users with flexibility during cleaning tasks. Easily extend or retract the rod to achieve the desired reach, catering to both short-distance tasks like countertop cleaning and long-distance tasks such as reaching high ceilings or car exteriors. This feature enhances user comfort and convenience, making the scrubber adaptable to various cleaning scenarios.

3. Upgraded Charging Port Design:
The charging port sealing plug has been redesigned to provide improved protection against water ingress, ensuring a more secure charging experience. The enhanced sealing mechanism adds an extra layer of defense against moisture, making the Lefree Electric Spin Scrubber suitable for use in bathrooms and other environments where water exposure is common.

4.User-Friendly LED Power Display:
The LED power display on the control panel has been optimized for user convenience. It now not only indicates the current power level during operation but also features a more intuitive display during the charging process. Users can easily monitor the charging status by observing the cycle of indicator lights, allowing for better management of charging times and ensuring the scrubber is always ready for use.

5.Overload Protection System:
The scrubber is now equipped with an overload protection system that detects improper operation, excessive load, or a locked rotor during use. In such cases, the five indicator lights will flash simultaneously, signaling a potential issue. After 5 seconds, the scrubber will automatically shut down to prevent damage. Users can reset the position and restart the machine, promoting longevity and durability.

With these enhancements, the Lefree electric spin scrubber SXT-160 not only maintains its powerful cleaning capabilities but also incorporates additional features for improved safety, adaptability, and user-friendly operation. These upgrades make the scrubber an even more reliable and versatile tool for a variety of cleaning applications.

Amazon Shopable link:https://amzn.to/3Pu5nay

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