LeFree 100ft Expandable Garden Hose with Nozzle

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Lightweight and Flexible Design: This hose is designed to be easy to handle and lighter than traditional hoses, making it suitable for people of all ages.

High-Quality Garden Hose: Endurance-tested up to 2000 uses, this hose can withstand water pressures of 3-12 bar and temperatures ranging from 41℉ - 113℉. It offers a longer service life and eliminates the risk of traditional pipes bursting.

Multiple Uses: With lengths of 50ft, 100ft, 125ft, or 150ft, this expandable hose is versatile and can be used for various purposes such as watering the garden, cleaning the house/floor/yard/swimming pool, washing the car, bathing pets, and even for commercial use.

Super Easy To Use: The hose is retractable, lightweight, and highly portable. When the water is turned on, the hose rapidly expands 3 times its length due to the water pressure. It has 10 watering modes to meet different watering needs, and its advanced design prevents kinks.

Technical Details

garden hose
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Accessory Part:

1 50ft、100ft、125ft、150 ft Expandable Garden Hose
1 Sparay Nozzle
1 Hose Clamp
3 Replaceable Rubber

How to use the Garden Hose correctly:

When using for the first time, please fill the hose with water with the valve off to allow the hose to stretch and expand. Once it has expanded, drain the water out and repeat the above process one more time.
1·Connet the spray nozzle to the hose at the end with valve.
2·When fully expanded, it’s ready to use.
3·Turn the water off at the source when the hose is not in use.
4·Squeeze the nozzle to drain the hose completely and make the hose contract to its original length.
5·Do not leave the hose out in extreme winter weather.
6·Be careful to use hose on rough concrete and sharp edges.
7·Keep the hose indoor and shaded for better duration.

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