What is the best time of day to water outdoor plants?

The best time of day to water outdoor plants is typically in the early morning or late evening.

In the early morning, temperatures are generally cooler and humidity is higher, which helps to reduce water evaporation and avoid loss due to adverse weather conditions such as tropical storms. Additionally, in the sunlight before and during sunrise, plants are energized and engage in photosynthesis, which allows them to absorb water and nutrients more effectively.

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In the late evening, after the sun has set, the air gradually becomes cooler and humidity rises, making it easier for plants to absorb water and nutrients. Additionally, there is no intense sunlight that could damage plant leaves.

It should be noted that during extremely hot weather, it is not recommended to water outdoor plants during midday or afternoon because the soil surface temperature is high, causing water to evaporate quickly, and the intense sunlight can cause leaf scorch. If watering must occur during these times, spraying a mist of water around the plant can provide extra humidity.

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Overall, the goal is to ensure that water is able to penetrate deeply into the soil where the roots can access it, rather than simply evaporating on the surface. The best time of day to water plants can vary depending on factors such as climate, season, and specific plant needs, but early morning or late evening are generally good choices for most outdoor plants.

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