Electric Scrubber for Cleaning

Welcome to our guide on how to effectively use the Lefree Electric Scrubber for  cleaning needs. This versatile and efficient tool is designed to simplify your cleaning routine and deliver excellent results. By following the instructions below, you'll be able to maximize the performance of the scrubber and effortlessly tackle various cleaning tasks in your home.

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How to use the Electric Scrubber for  cleaning needs

1.please charge the machine for more than 2 hours before use to ensure that the machine is fully charged.

2.Select the appropriate brush head according to the use, and put the brush head on the machine.

3.Press the switch button "icon" on the control panel, press the first time to rotate at highspeed, and press the second time to rotate at low speed

4.When the machine is working, the indicator light on the switch panel is always on. lf thefive lights are not on for a long time, it means that themachine is not fully charged.

5.The function of the switch key is 0-1-2-0, which needs tobe pressed twice when using high-level shutdown.to rotate at high speed, and press the second time torotate at low speed
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Replacement method of brush head

1.When replacing the brush head, please turn off the machine first and keep your handsaway from the switch button.

2.Hold the brush head with your hand and pull it out vertically. lt is easier to take out thebrush head by gently swinging left and right while pulling it out

3.When installing the brush head, align the semicircular groove of the brush head with theconvex groove of the connector, and press it down vertically.

4.When you hear the "click", it is installed in place

5.When using the brush tray or mop, firstly stick the brush tray on the brush tray base, andthen install the brush tray base on the machine according to the installation method of the brush head 2.

Amazon Link:https://amzn.to/3Pu5nay
or Buy on our website: Electric Scrubber for  cleaning 


With these user-friendly instructions, you are now equipped with the knowledge to make the most out of  Lefree Electric Scrubber for cleaning. Enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of this powerful tool as it helps you achieve a cleaner and more pristine living space.

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