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Welcome to our guide on cleaning and maintenance for the Lefree cordless scrubber SXT-160. Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential for ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your scrubber. By following the guidelines below, you can keep your scrubber in excellent condition and contribute to environmental protection through responsible disposal practices.

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Cleaning and maintenance

1.Sealed Charging Port Inspection:
Before initiating the cleaning process, carefully inspect the charging port to ensure it is securely sealed. A sealed charging port prevents water penetration, safeguarding the internal components. Regular checks contribute to the longevity of your cordless scrubber .

2.Avoid Harsh Cleaning Agents:
Refrain from using metal objects, abrasive cleaners, or corrosive liquids (such as gasoline or acetone) when cleaning the brush head and the body surface. These materials can damage the scrubber's exterior and compromise its functionality. Opt for gentle cleaning solutions to preserve the integrity of the device.

3.Effective Brush Head Cleaning Methods:
Utilize two effective methods for cleaning the brush head:
Rinsing Under Faucet: For convenience, rinse the brush head under a faucet to remove dirt and residues.
High-Speed Mode Cleaning: Activate the high-speed mode to automatically wash the brush head under running water. Ensure that the charging port remains unaffected by water during this process.

4.Thorough Post-Cleaning Procedures:
After cleaning, it's essential to perform thorough post-cleaning procedures to maintain the scrubber's condition:
Vigorous Water Shaking: Shake the scrubber vigorously to remove excess water, preventing prolonged exposure to moisture.
Cloth Wiping: Use a cloth to wipe the scrubber, ensuring it is completely dry. This step prevents water-related issues and preserves the device's overall longevity.

5.Temperature Considerations:
Exercise caution regarding water temperature during the cleaning process. Avoid using hot water above 60°C to clean both the brush head and the scrubber itself. Excessive heat can potentially damage the device's components, and adhering to this guideline ensures safe and effective cleaning

Environmental Responsibility:
When disposing of the cordless scrubber , avoid placing it with regular household waste. Instead, deliver it to the manufacturer's designated recycling center. Responsible disposal contributes to environmental preservation by facilitating the proper handling of electronic waste.

Since the built-in rechargeable battery contains substances that may harm the environment, it is crucial to remove the battery before discarding the product. Properly dispose of the battery in accordance with designated recycling procedures. This eco-friendly approach ensures the responsible management of electronic components, reducing environmental impact.

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By adhering to the cleaning and maintenance instructions provided, you can ensure that your Lefree cordless scrubber  SXT-160 remains in top-notch condition, delivering exceptional cleaning performance whenever you need it. Remember to dispose of the product responsibly, following the designated recycling procedures for both the device and its rechargeable battery. Let's maintain a clean home while prioritizing environmental preservation.You  can buy it on Lefree Website,Please click the linkcordless scrubber

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