Function introduction of Lefree Handheld Scrubber Brush Head

Welcome to our guide on the brush head functions of the Lefree Handheld Scrubber. This versatile cleaning tool comes with a variety of brush heads designed to tackle different cleaning tasks effectively. From wide range brushes for concave surfaces to pointed brush heads for corners and crevices, this scrubber has you covered for all your cleaning needs.

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7 brush head of  Lefree Handheld Scrubber

1.Wide range brush: it is perfect as a concave cleaning brush for bath, sink or toilet.

2.Pointed brush head: it is applicable to the corners, crevices, car wheels of domestickitchens, bathrooms or range hoods, as well as the places that are not easy to be cleaned at ordinary times .

3.Small flat brush head:suitable for cleaning small flat parts such as wash basin, kitchensink and furniture.

4.Large flat brush head: suitable for cleaning oil and dirt in bathroom, kitchen, living roomtoilet, window, glass and other places.

5.Large and small mops: mainly used for cleaning and polishing the living room floorglass, coffee table and car surface .

6.lmitatied wool brush :plate can be used for polishing, waxing, dust removal, etc. ot high-end household,electrical appliances, automobiles, etc.

7.The fiber brush tray: is mainly used for removing and polishing heavy oil stains on thesurfaces of kitchens, hoods, walls, bathrooms, etc.
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Range of Use for Lefree handheld scrubber

Curved space such as bathtub

Bathroom cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

Corner cleaning

Window cleaning

Polishing and waxing

Heavy oil stain in kitchen

Car surface 

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Note: When using brush head 1, 2, 3, 6, it is necessary to paste  brush head to the brush head base, and then use the head base to the machine。

With the diverse range of brush heads available for the Lefree Handheld Scrubber, you can confidently clean and maintain various areas of your home. Whether it's the bathroom, kitchen, windows, or even your car, this scrubber provides the right brush head for each task. Experience efficient and thorough cleaning with the convenience of Lefree's brush head functions.

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