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Welcome to our guide on the brush head functions of the Lefree Handheld Scrubber. This versatile cleaning tool comes with a variety of brush heads designed to tackle different cleaning tasks effectively. From wide range brushes for concave surfaces to pointed brush heads for corners and crevices, this scrubber has you covered for all your cleaning needs..

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1.8 brush head of  Lefree Handheld Scrubber

1.1 Wide range brush: it is perfect as a concave cleaning brush for bath, sink or toilet.

1.2 Pointed brush head: it is applicable to the corners, crevices, car wheels of domestickitchens, bathrooms or range hoods, as well as the places that are not easy to be cleaned at ordinary times .

1.3 Small flat brush head:suitable for cleaning small flat parts such as wash basin, kitchensink and furniture.

1.4 Large flat brush head: suitable for cleaning oil and dirt in bathroom, kitchen, living roomtoilet, window, glass and other places.

1.5 Large and small mops: mainly used for cleaning and polishing the living room floorglass, coffee table and car surface .

1.6 lmitatied wool brush :plate can be used for polishing, waxing, dust removal, etc. ot high-end household,electrical appliances, automobiles, etc.

1.7 The fiber brush tray: is mainly used for removing and polishing heavy oil stains on thesurfaces of kitchens, hoods, walls, bathrooms, etc.

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Expanded Applications of Lefree Handheld Scrubber for a Comprehensive Cleaning Experience:

2.Curved Spaces Like Bathtub:
Extend the versatility of the Lefree Handheld Scrubber to effortlessly clean curved surfaces such as bathtubs. The combination of the pointed brush head and adjustable handle ensures a thorough clean, reaching every contour and crevice for a spa-like finish.

2.1 Bathroom Cleaning:
Dive deep into bathroom cleaning with the Lefree Handheld Scrubber's specialized brush heads. From scrubbing grout lines to polishing fixtures, this tool makes light work of soap scum and water stains, leaving your bathroom spotless and hygienic.

2.2 Kitchen Cleaning:
The Lefree Handheld Scrubber transforms kitchen cleaning by addressing a variety of surfaces. Effortlessly tackle countertops, backsplashes, and appliance exteriors with the right brush head, ensuring a gleaming and bacteria-free kitchen environment.

2.3 Corner Cleaning:
Don't overlook corners and crevices any longer. The pointed brush head of the Lefree Handheld Scrubber is your solution for precision cleaning in corners, ensuring no space goes untouched and maintaining a consistently clean home.

2.4 Window Cleaning:
Elevate your window cleaning routine with the Lefree Handheld Scrubber. The large flat brush head, combined with its efficient rotating action, provides streak-free and crystal-clear windows, bringing natural light into your home.

2.5 Polishing and Waxing:
Discover the dual functionality of the Lefree Handheld Scrubber in polishing and waxing surfaces. The large and small mop brush heads enable you to add a brilliant shine to your floors, furniture, and even your car, creating a polished and well-maintained space.

2.6 Heavy Oil Stains in Kitchen:
Tackle the toughest kitchen challenges with the Lefree Handheld Scrubber's fiber brush tray. From sticky residues to stubborn oil stains, this brush head ensures a deep and thorough clean, maintaining a sanitary and welcoming kitchen.

2.7 Car Surface:
Extend the reach of the Lefree Handheld Scrubber beyond the home to your car's surfaces. Effortlessly remove dirt, dust, and grime from your vehicle, ensuring a polished and well-maintained car exterior.

3.Usage Tips:
To ensure optimal results when using the  Handheld Scrubber, here are some tips to help you unlock the full potential of this versatile cleaning tool:

3.1 Choose the Right Brush Head: Select the appropriate brush head based on the cleaning task. The choice of brush head is crucial for different surfaces and types of dirt. For stubborn stains, use a firmer brush head, while softer brush heads are suitable for more delicate surfaces.

3.2 Moisten Surfaces Adequately: Before starting the cleaning process, ensure that the surface to be cleaned is adequately moistened. This helps improve the effectiveness of the brush head, especially when dealing with dry or stubborn stains.

3.3 Use the Right Cleaning Agent: Pair the scrubber with the appropriate cleaning agent to enhance cleaning effectiveness. Choose a cleaning agent that is compatible with both the brush head and the cleaning surface, depending on the nature of the cleaning task.

3.4 Adjust Brush Head Angle: Adjust the angle of the brush head as needed for different cleaning tasks. Certain brush heads may be more effective at a horizontal angle, while others might require a vertical or angled approach.

3.5 Adjust Speed as Needed: The Lefree Handheld Scrubber offers multiple speed settings. Low speed is suitable for light cleaning tasks, while high speed is effective for more stubborn dirt. Adjust the speed according to the difficulty of the cleaning task for optimal results.

3.6 Regularly Replace Brush Heads: Depending on usage frequency, regularly replace brush heads to ensure consistent cleaning effectiveness and hygiene. Worn-out brush heads may not provide the best cleaning results, and new brush heads ensure prolonged high-efficiency cleaning.

3.7 Properly Store the Charger: When not in use, store the charger properly. Ensure the charger is kept in a dry place to avoid moisture and humidity affecting the electrical components.

3.8 Avoid Excessive Force: The Lefree Handheld Scrubber is designed for easy yet efficient cleaning without excessive force. Grip the handle lightly, allowing the rotating action of the brush head to perform the cleaning work, avoiding unnecessary pressure.

By following these tips, you can make the most of the Lefree Handheld Scrubber, ensuring each cleaning task is efficient, convenient, and delivers satisfying results.

Diversify your cleaning routine with the Lefree Handheld Scrubber, a versatile and powerful tool that adapts to various surfaces and cleaning challenges. From intricate spaces to extensive areas, this scrubber enhances efficiency and effectiveness, providing a convenient solution for all your cleaning needs.

Amazon Shopable link:https://amzn.to/3Pu5nay

Note: When using brush head 1, 2, 3, 6, it is necessary to paste  brush head to the brush head base, and then use the head base to the machine。

With the diverse range of brush heads available for the Lefree Handheld Scrubber, you can confidently clean and maintain various areas of your home. Whether it's the bathroom, kitchen, windows, or even your car, this scrubber provides the right brush head for each task. Experience efficient and thorough cleaning with the convenience of Lefree's brush head functions.You  can buy it on Lefree Website,Please click the linkHandheld Scrubber

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